Sunday, September 22, 2013

1st Game Idea


A game that I would have the most fun in is a never ending type of game or one where you can get a high score on. There should be a ranking system or implied ranking system. For example, if someone has high quality gear, they can be known as a top ranked player even if they don't have something that says that about them. Kind of similar to many of the popular MMORPGs today. 

Gameplay will include about a dozen of different fantasy-like characters you can choose from. Each with special abilities to help you explore deeper into the large map. Most areas will have common loot but further, more dangerous, parts of the map will have epic loot! There will be multiple stories from each of the different quests that can be taken. Just be careful when doing them as they could lead to your own peril. Technology would include some type of 3d game engine. Also, I would like it to be in a first person view because that always seems to make the game more real.

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