Monday, October 7, 2013

Game Focus

Game Focus

Recapture (Working Title) is an adventure game of recapturing raided lands with a group of warriors that you run into and recapturing lost memories from your past. The main idea of the game is that the player (man or woman) is thrust into an epic adventure after waking up from amnesia. The point is to be smart when controlling each character's abilities because they all serve a special purpose that might end up saving your life in the end. You follow the story of one main character but when in battle, you control all of your warrior group.


The most compelling feature of my game is the large amount of strategy that players will have to put into it to win. It will be like a chess game where the player must constantly figure out how to recapture one town after another. Also, since it is like a chess game, there will most likely be sacrifices. Unless the player is skilled enough to keep everyone alive, the player will have to make some tough decisions.


The game will be in 2D. The main character will be customizable. There will be different classes such as the warrior class, the mage class, and the paladin class, etc.  No matter what, each class will be and very tough looking. The background will be made to suit the environment wether it be in the mountains, on the plains, or in jungle. When in battle, fight scenes will look to be very well done.

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